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 stat mods

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PostSubject: stat mods   stat mods EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 6:58 pm

#Perfect Kill Stats
0x007100b4 0x000f423f
0x007100b8 0x000f423f
;Stealth Kills
0x007100bc 0x000f423f
;CQB Kills
0x007100c0 0x000f423f
;Gernade Kills
0x007100c8 0x000f423f
;Explosive Kills
0x007100cc 0x000f423f
;Blind Kills
0x007100d0 0x000f423f

#Perfect Weapon Stats
;Pistol Kills
0x0071011c 0x000f423f
;Assualt Rifle Kills
0x00710130 0x000f423f
;SMG Kills
0x00710144 0x000f423f
;Shotgun Kills
0x00710158 0x000f423f
;Machine Gun Kills
0x0071016c 0x000f423f
;Sniper Rifle Kills
0x00710180 0x000f423f
;Rocket Launcher Kills
0x007101d0 0x000f423f
;Explosive Kills
0x007101f8 0x000f423f

#Perfect Combat Stats
;Credit KamaluNg
;Shots Fired
0x007100e8 0x000f423f
;Shots Hit
0x007100ec 0x000f423f

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stat mods
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