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 ftb3 codes

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PostSubject: ftb3 codes   Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:21 am

Ill kip adding stuff to this post Smile
#Speed Walking
0x002627fc 0x3c054000

#Steps Shadow's
0x004ceea8 0x42c00000

#Player Power Up
;change the 490
0x002426f8 0x3c054900

#Player Size
;Mod the 4000 for size
0x00254aa0 0x3c054000

#Fat Player
;Mod 4010 for size
0x00254b5c 0x3c054000

0x00292f78 0x3c064000

0x00292f7c 0x3c064000

0x00292f7c 0x3c064000

#Bullet Damage
;Try it on walls
0x002bc0e0 0x3c064000

#Explosion Teleport
;The Explosion teleports
;Change 3f80 for place explosion place
0x002e9534 0x3c063f90

#See No Explosion's
0x002e9548 0x3c063f80

#Player Position
0x00254a3c 0x3c053fbb

#Dark Map
0x002426f8 0x3c060000
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ftb3 codes
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